Observe and interact with your users, live.

Open source customer messaging with built-in screen sharing through the browser. 🚀

View and collaborate in real time

Watch how your users are interacting with your website and chat with them in real time. See exactly what they're seeing and help them with anything they need.

Built with security in mind

Password inputs, iframes, and other sensitive data are blocked by default. Customize which elements are blocked with simple CSS class tags to protect user privacy.

Chat directly with your users

Convert more website visitors into customers with real-time chat. Don't lose out on prospects because of unanswered questions!

Papercups for Enterprise


Papercups can be deployed in your cloud, for painless adoption and onboarding. Whether it's AWS, Docker, or Heroku, we've got you covered.

Unlimited volume

Papercups is built with Elixir on top of BEAM for incredible scalability. This scalability extends to our open core pricing model.

Personalized support

We can manage your deployment on your infrastructure. Get the benefits of self-hosting with the reliability and scalability of the cloud.

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